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Floortje Blijft Hier

In ‘Floortje Blijft Hier’ gaat Floortje Dessing op zoek naar optimistische en inspirerende verhalen op de mooiste plekken van ons land. Ze bezoekt mensen die gekozen hebben voor een leven waarin zelfredzaamheid, duurzaamheid en de natuur centraal staan. Hoe houden we de juiste mindset vast tijdens deze coronacrisis? En hoe kunnen we ook in deze moeilijke tijden bijdragen aan een mooier Nederland?

Location – Netherlands
Shooting Date – 2020
Channel – NPO1
Broadcaster – BNNVARA
Runtime: 45 minutes
Producer – Hanneke van Bindsbergen
Camera – Joost Hoozemans, Tjitte, Frank Emous
Production Company – Kokomo Media

Life Is Like A Timelapse

People don’t understand why we look at the sky making small steps. Small steps with a big impact, seizing time in a shot that last only a few seconds.

Location – Worldwide
Director – Frank Emous
Music – District Seven by Joris Voorn
Camera’s used – Canon 5D, RED GEMINI, Sony A7RII
Production Company – FEMOUS

Ryo – Joris Voorn

The music video is a visualisation of a young boy’s journey. We follow Ryo on his trip through a serene looking sand dune landscape towards a lighthouse overlooking a dramatic industrial park. Guided by the sun, the boy finds his way into the lighthouse and climbs the stairs, by nighttime he reaches the top overlooking the mysterious factories in the far distance.

Location – Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands
Shooting Date – June 2019
Producer – Frank Emous
Director – Frank Emous / Joris Voorn
Production Company – FEMOUS

Music video

Floortje Terug Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld

For more than five years Floortje Dessing has traveled the world, making portraits of people who choose live away from modern society. This season Floortje visits some of them again, to find out how their lives have changed. Can they still cope with the hardship, and how does living in complete freedom shape their thoughts?.

Location – Worldwide
Shooting Date – November 2019
Channel – NPO1
Broadcaster – BNNVARA
Runtime: 45 minutes
Producer – Hanneke van Bindsbergen
Director – Frank Emous/ Floortje Dessing
Production Company – Kokomo Media

Epic trip to Iceland

Stunning landscapes, bizar nature and aurora borealis!


Destination film

At the most northern tip of the Arabian Peninsula is Musandam, an enclave separated by the United Arab Emirates from Oman. Musandam is rugged with a coast full of fjords, high mountains and coral reefs and is without a doubt one of the most spectacular nature reserve in the entire country.

Location – Musandam, Oman
Director – Nicky Pajkic
Producer – Sanne Motza
Executive Producer – Frank Emous
Behind the Scenes – Jordy Timmer
Production Company – FEMOUS

Cook it RAW

Back to basic, just cook it RAW.

Documentary Trailer

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